layer2-background NEWS GATHERING v BroadMedia provides electronic news gathering, satellite transmission services
space segments and state of the art studios throughout the world
layer1-background Broadcast (Production & transmission) services v BroadMedia provides full-service production and technical management
at every stage of the event
layer2-background Sports Broadcasting v BroadMedia provides seamless sports production and transmission services
capturing the best sporting action and beaming it to hundreds of millions of passionate fans and viewers worldwide.
layer2-background Occasional satellite capacity space segments v BroadMedia has in-house occasional space segments on all major contribution satellites.
Our Team



BrodMedia’s dedicated team works across the Middle East with representatives in Lebanon, Iraq, UAE and Lybia to support our work.
Our entire staff members are integral to the success of our company.


​We believe a few great people can make a big difference. We strive to hire the very best people who are passionate, thoughtful and creative…


Our commitment

  • To manage every request in a way that's right for you


  • We offer solutions aligned with your budget and specific strategy


  • We provide tailored solutions for news gathering and delivery

Our strengths

  • Commercially and technically present in many countries worldwide
  • Reputable expertise
  • Fast service
  • Precision, effectivity and high quality service
  • Competitive pricing


  • We are intimately familiar with each television market around the world
Contact Us


T : +961 1 255494
F : +961 1 255494


Dora highway
Moucarri Center
4th Floor

Beirut, Lebanon